Nature Word of the Month – March 2017

Nature Word of the Month - March 2017: MARCESCENT

Have you noticed that some trees seem to hold on to their leaves throughout the winter?  We often notice how the golden and coppery colors stand out among the surrounding bare trees or against the backdrop of green conifers.  It’s common especially for oaks, American Beech and Witch Hazels.

Now is the perfect time to take notice of which trees and shrubs still have dried leaves or flower corollas clinging on, before the new spring growth casts them off. And because there are a limited variety with this trait, these trees should be fairly easy to identify.

Next time you are out, take notice of the trees and have fun pointing out any marcescent ones you see.



4 thoughts on “Nature Word of the Month – March 2017

    • Wonderful observation. You may start noticing more and more marcescent plants. I recently learned that there was a word for this phenomenon and now it seems we notice some wherever we go. 😉


  1. mummy2six says:

    We have 3 cottonwood trees in our backyard (not the ones with fluffy cotton, thank goodness!) This was the first winter that the 3 actually lost all of their leaves. The previous 5 years, the trees held on to quite a few of their leaves. My husband read that some varieties will do that if they are stressed. We had 5 or so years of drought, so that might have done it.

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    • That’s so interesting. Thank you for sharing. It would be neat to keep track of what happens in future years and notice any links to weather and other environmental conditions. Your very own backyard longitudinal science study! 😉

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