NOTICING NATURE: Nature Prompts – October 2016

Noticing Nature Nature Prompts for Children and Their Families - October 2016

The nature prompts for this month are centered around a theme.  This month we’ll be focusing on trees.

In the northern hemisphere it’s the leaves that are really standing out right now and there’s an activity that will get your child noticing the rich variety.  It’s also a great time to get to know trees a little better.  You’ll find some printables designed to help your child explore the world of trees and one very special activity from a friend over seas.

Meet a Tree

This activity comes from Joseph Cornell and helps heighten our sensory awareness as we get close and personal with a special tree.  You will need a blindfold, a partner for your child (an adult is preferable if your child is quite young), and the directions found here or on the nature prompts printable.

Magic Tree Hunt

For the very first time we have a guest contributor sharing her passion for encouraging children to observe and discover nature.  Lisa Lillywhite from Smart Happy Project created this magical tree hunt that your child is sure to have fun with it.  He’ll be noticing trees like he never has before. 

Give Lisa’s notes about the activity a glance before getting started then download the printable and let the fun begin!

Bark Scavenger Hunt

The outer bark serves the same function for all trees but there is a lot of diversity in how it looks.  So many different patterns and textures and colors to notice.  Your young naturalist will gain a greater appreciation for trees with this scavenger hunt.

You can add a sensory element by asking your child to feel the difference of the barks.  Do they feel rough or smooth?  Are they thick or thin?  Take some bark rubbings too.  They will aid in remembering the experience and serve as prompts for reflection and further discussion.

Tree bark scavenger hunt printable / Noticing Nature Nature Prompts: October 2016 via Green Acorns

Colors of Autumn Leaves

There is such an array of color to be found in the fall leaves.  Shades of red, yellow, green and even purple.  Collect leaves of different colors with your child and point out the rich variety.  Group them by color and notice the nuances.  Use the color wheel and find matching shades.  If you have collected leaves they can be pinned to the color wheel or torn into smaller bits and glued on (a great fine motor activity for wee ones).

Lisa has also provided us with a blank color wheel that she suggests filling in with paint chips.  This will allow you to customize based on the colors in the surrounding landscape.  You can see some examples of how she has used it here.

Resources to Inspire

Spark excitement and further learning with any of these lovely books;

Don’t forget to print off this month’s prompts and keep them in a handy spot.
Have fun enjoying the world of trees with your child!



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