Nature Word of the Month: SUBNIVEAN

Last winter,Β after warmer temperatures had melted the top layer of snow, we noticed a network of tunnels throughout our yard.Β  We soon realized that they were created by either mice or moles.Β  It was a fun discovery!

A couple of months ago my husband started reading Winter World: The Ingenuity of Animal Survival by Bernd Heinrich to our children.Β  He got to a section that talked about the subnivean zone and the kids realized that the tunnels we had seen were evidence of subnivean life. Β  My husband was fascinated and suggested that I use it as one of my nature words of the month.Β  Well, this is the perfect month.Β  I hope you enjoy exploring the subnivean zone!

Nature Word of the Month: SUBNIVEAN | via Green Acorns

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  • Northern Woodlands has a great article about these shelters in the snow.
  • This article by the National Wildlife Federation is very helpful and has a nice graphic.

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