Nature Word of the Month – May 2017

Nature Word of the Month - May 2017: Frondescence

Sometimes, it can seem like we wait and wait for the arrival of spring and then all of the sudden it’s here.  Not when the calendar says it’s spring but when early spring flowers bloom by the roadsides, tree buds begin to break open, and migrating birds begin to return.

Nature word of the month - May 2017: frondescence

I was so happy to see leaves finally popping out last week, I was practically running from tree to tree to check them all out.  This week we noticed that some ferns have emerged and are starting to slowly unfurl.  I adore springtime with all the energy of renewed life in the air!  And now I am happy to have a new word to add to my nature vocabulary repertoire.  I’ll be watching closely for more spring frondescence…

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Dandelions: A Playful Experience For Bringing Them To Life

Dandelions: A playful experience for giving new life to the dandelion

Hello there!  If it’s spring time where you are, no doubt your yard is dotted with dandelions.  Kids love them, don’t they?  Mine sure do and I seized the opportunity to do a dandelion nature study with them.  We all learned some new things.  dandelion journal entry

One thing I learned (or was reminded of) is to take notice of my children’s comments about their interests and activities to inspire further exploration.  It wasn’t until late in the evening that I became aware of a cue that my daughter had provided for a fun twist on our nature studies.

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