Unique Gifts for Young Nature Lovers

Unique Gifts for Young Naturalists: A gift guide from Green Acorns

Every year my children spend hours compiling their holiday wish lists and every year I search for the perfect unexpected gifts that I know they will love but would never have thought of. Is it the same at your house?

Below are some gift ideas for the young nature-lover in your life – all either items we own or have tried or that I have come across in my own searches and fell in love with. I hope it helps with your gift buying or at least sparks some ideas…

Unique Gifts for Young Naturalists: A gift guide from Green Acorns

For the Adventurers

Young explorers will confidently lead the way with this classic compass.

Keep track of National Parks visits with this Explorer Map.

If your family travels a lot, Scratch Your Travels posters (world, European, Canadian and United States versions) are a fun way to record places you’ve been.

This headlamp is perfect for camping and other nighttime adventures.

Nature-inspired bandanas like these or any of these will add a fun twist to any outing.

Why not give an outdoor adventure like one of these?

Add a little whimsy to your outings with a leaf or fox backpack from Leafling.

Unique Gifts for Young Naturalists: A gift guide from Green Acorns

For the Crafty & Artsy Kids

Weave flowers, leaves, and other treasures from your nature walks into this beautiful circular weaving frame to create seasonal displays.

Choose any one of these embroidery or sewing kits. They are all so lovely!

The Stick Book: Loads of things you can make or do with a stick.

Hello Nature: Draw, Collect, Make and Grow is a creative and engaging nature activity book from Nina Chakrabarti.

Incorporate flower petals, leaves and other nature bits in hand-made paper with this lovely kit.

Unique Gifts for Young Naturalists: A gift guide by Green Acorns

For the Book-Lovers

Small Adventures Journal: A Little Field Guide for Big Discoveries in Nature. Fully illustrated—with visual reference pages, checklists, and more—the journal packs in tons of drawing and writing prompts to document discoveries made as close as the front steps.

Nature Walk Journal: Filled with illustrations of leaves, cloud formations, and animal tracks for easy reference, this journal provides an ideal place to jot down what you see, hear, smell, and notice on your walk. Use the pages for pressing wildflowers, pasting in photos, or making sketches of the scenery, flowers, or animals. Quotes about the woods, wilderness, and nature from writers and artists appear throughout.

Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural World by Julia Rothman: This book combines whimsical illustrations with interactive activities that encourage curiosity and inspire you to look more closely at the world all around you. A must have!

The Wildlife on the Move series, a collection of well-written, engaging stories about wildlife migration, conservation, and respectful human interaction with nature, will be loved by young children (best for ages 2-6 years).

You’ll find a collection of some of our favorite nature-based chapter books here – perfect for both family read-alouds and independent reading time. P.S. If you’re looking for more ‘all things nature’ book recommendations, check out my other bookshelves while you’re there.

Every nature lover needs a collection of field guides. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Fandex guides combine vivid photographs with facts for hand-held learning.
  • Take Along Guides are great for young children (ages 4-10).
  • Laminated Pocket Naturalist Guides are perfect for bringing on outdoor adventures.
  • We have A LOT of Audubon guides. Choose the ones the best fits the area you live in and your child’s interests.

Unique Gifts for Young Naturalists: A gift guide from Green Acorns

For the Journalers

Every nature journal should have a supply of sketchpads like these or these or these. And of course paints and some good pens too.

The Naturalist’s Notebook is a wonderful resource for sharpening observation skills, nurturing curiosity and wonder, for deepening understanding of nature’s rhythms, and for developing a phenology record to look back on in years to come. It’s a must have for any nature lover of any age.

There is something about recording observations in a special journal – it lets your child know that his observations are respected and it lends to the joy of the practice. This leather-bound journal is truly worthy of holding your child’s nature chronicles.

For the Love of Learning

The cards and posters and curriculum materials from Tanglewood Hollow will help foster a strong connection with the natural world. Be sure to check out the Bird-of-the-Month club too!

A year-long journey – the Kid’s Moon Club from Nicolette of  Wilder Child will inspire your family to connect, celebrate, play and walk together through all thirteen (yes 13!) full moons of 2018.

Unique Gifts for Young Naturalists: A gift guide from Green Acorns

Bring the Outside In

Let your little one create her own mini-world with a terrarium kit.

Any of these nature-based prints and posters will make your walls a little happier!

The nature-inspired (and educational) illustrations from Alice of Twig and Moth will look lovely in any room of your home.

Imagine Childhood has a nice selection of posters, like this Tree Leaves one, that any young naturalist would be happy to have.

It may seem odd to get children a display box or frame but if they have a favorite nature collection, they’ll appreciate having a place to display it. Even better would be to arrange the nature collection for them and present the ready-to-hang product. My son was thrilled with his framed feather collection. Don’t have a nature collection? This discovery box comes with one as well as activity ideas.

Play Outside

Build outside with these natural and eco-friendly tree blocks.

Bust boredom with this Backyard Box from the idea box kids.

Whether in field or pond, this net will help children get a close-up view of the little critters around them.

Go on a nature scavenger hunt with this lovely card game developed by Sensory Trust.

If you have some suggestions to add, please do share. I’m always on the lookout for quality gifts.


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