Nature Word of the Month, December 2016: HYEMATION

Nature Word of the Month, December 2016: HYEMATION

It may not say so on the calendar but winter has certainly arrived here in Maine.  The temperatures have dropped, there’s snow on the ground, and animal activity has decreased significantly.

Being a New Englander, I enjoy experiencing four seasons and the changes that come with each.  I can’t imagine my life without it.  Being someone with Raynaud’s, I don’t tolerate the cold very well (less and less as I get older).  I must admit, the last couple of years I have fantasized about wintering in Aruba.  Perhaps this is the subconscious reason I chose this month’s nature word.  I may someday join the flocks of Mainers who head to Florida for their hyemation.  Given this year’s forecast I might start now.

While this is not a common word, it is a fun one.  Can you think of how else you might apply this word to the natural world?   What or who prepares for hyemation and how?  I’ll give you one hint – think trees.

Download and print a copy here.  Hang it on your fridge, pin it to your corkboard, paste it in your nature journal or commonplace book.  Visit me on Facebook or leave a comment here about the uses you have come up with.

Have a wonder-filled weekend!


Monique & Family




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