Nature Word of the Month – August 2016: MIZZLE

Nature Word of the Month - August 2016: MIZZLE

I am currently reading Rain: A Natural and Cultural History by Cynthia Barnett (which is a fascinating read that I highly recommend). In the prologue she quotes a line from Ray Bradbury which includes the word “mizzle”. I immediately loved the word. I could easily conjure up memories of being out in this sort of fine rain – not being able to feel the individual drops but becoming quickly and completely blanketed in wetness. Have you ever experienced it?

As you try each of the August nature prompts that involve being out in the rain, pay attention to the differences in the rain and how each affects the outcome. What would produce a better rain print, a mizzle or a downpour? What type of rain would produce the best rain symphony?

If you’d like to print a copy of this month’s nature word, click the image above and download it.

Before going, I wanted to note that August is the one year anniversary of sharing monthly nature words. I’m hoping to keep it going for as long as I can. If you ever come across an interesting nature-related word, please do share. I’d love to include your contribution.




2 thoughts on “Nature Word of the Month – August 2016: MIZZLE

  1. mummy2six says:

    Haha! We needed this word a couple months back. In fact, since Nov. 2015 we have had so much rain! No more drought in TX! Now, we are experiencing typical TX summer weather – triple digits. So hot! I love your nature words and will save this for when we get rain again. ;0)


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