Noticing Nature – Nature Prompts for June 2016

Nature prompts for children and their families - June 2016

Hello and happy June!

This month’s prompts were created with summer fun in mind but if you are heading into the winter months, there are still some prompts for you to enjoy.

Noticing Nature: Nature Prompts - April 2016

Terrific Textures

This is a prompt that we have done before but it is worth repeating.  So much information about the outside world can be learned through our sense of touch, which most children are naturally compelled to do.  Have you ever noticed how many textures there are in the nature around you?   Have you ever been surprised that something feels completely different than what you expected?  Remember to feel things in different directions, especially leaves and grasses.  Run your finger one way along the length of it, then the other.  Make a prediction before feeling and then use as many descriptive words as you can to describe the texture.

Nature Prompts - June 2016

Fun With Flowers

My kids and I have a few spots that we visit regularly and we like to keep track of what flowers are blooming during each visit.  We take photos of the ones that we do not know the names of so that we can identify them at home.  But there are lots of other ways to enjoy flowers.  We recently made violet and dandelion jelly from the flowers in our yard.  It was really more like a runny syrup but it was yummy on our pancakes!  Here are some ideas for creative flower fun…

Important note:  Please do not pick native wildflowers.  They are so important to the ecosystem.  It is illegal to dig them up to transplant and some plants and flowers are endangered or protected.  Flowers from your yard or garden are best for the activities that require picked flowers and there’s always the option of buying some.  Thanks in advance for being responsible with your flower fun!

  • Make a bookmark
  • This flower petal “stained glass” activity is so pretty
  • Who wouldn’t feel special in a flower crown?!
  • Make ornaments or a mobile
  • Create some flower characters (click here and here for inspiration)
  • Use edible flowers in tea, salads, and cookies.  You can find some at your local farmer’s market and grocery stores even sell some packaged.
  • Go on a flower color hunt.  Take photos and create a color collage.
  • Notice the patterns and symmetry of different flowers.


Go Barefoot

There has been much research in recent years about the benefits of letting children go barefoot and there’s even a book about it.  Our goal is to focus on the sense of freedom and the sensory stimulation it provides.  It’s also one more way to feel more closely connected to nature.  So go for it… Free your feet!

P.S. International mud day  is June 29th.  Try stomping in mud puddles barefoot to celebrate.


Rock Your World

My children are 7, 11, and 13 and they still like to collect rocks.  I still like to collect rocks.  Collecting nurtures a child’s curiosity, it helps them connect, it triggers memories, and it’s fun.  Whether you have a rock collection at home or want to try some ephemeral art that stays in nature, these books and activity ideas will give you some inspiration…



Download and print the prompts by clicking the image below.

Noticing Nature Monthly Nature Prompts_ June 2016Enjoy!


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