Noticing Nature – Nature Prompts for April 2016

Noticing Nature - Nature Prompts: April 2016

April’s prompts to encourage you and your child to get out and notice nature have arrived!  There are only four – perfect for setting a goal of doing one each week.  Life happens and things get delayed (like this post) but we can all make room for one simple activity each week, right?

Take a sensory inventory

This prompt is about slowing down, being fully present in the moment, being mindful of our surroundings, and heightening our senses.  When you begin, sit quietly for a few moments and make note of what you observe.  Then try tuning in to one sense at a time.  Do you notice anything that you hadn’t at first?

Go on a texture walk

My children were especially tuned in to the variety of textures that surrounded us on a recent visited to a local nature preserve.  I don’t know what sparked it but they wanted to touch everything.  My son noticed rough patches on a tree’s bark and had to feel the difference of the textures.  My youngest daughter saw a rock that looked shinier on one half and called me over to feel it with her.  And I can’t even tell you how many patches of moss we felt.

So much information about the outside world can be learned through our sense of touch, which most children are naturally compelled to do.  But what about you?  When was the last time you touched something in nature out of pure curiosity?  Wonder and feel along side your child .  Model using words that describe textures.

Be a nature camera

This is an activity from Joseph Cornell’s Sharing Nature with Children II called the camera game.  It is meant to help focus one’s attention and notice details.  Allow only a few seconds for the “camera” to take a photo.  You may ask questions to help him recall what he noticed.  Feel free to allow a longer time if your child needs it.

Make a nature pal

This one is a creative and playful way to interact with nature.  It encourages imagination and self expression all while exploring the characteristics of natural objects.

If you’d like some ideas, check out my ‘Crafts From Nature’ Pinterest board.

Noticing Nature: Nature prompts for children and their families - April 2016Download and print the prompts here.

Before you go…  Two things occurred to me while I was working on the prompts for this month.  The first was that I would like to do a recap each month of how we got along with the prompts.  I will share photos, our experiences from both my children’s perspectives and mine, and how we document it all.

The second was that I’d love to share your photos and experiences too.  I’m always curious about how others connect with nature and find such inspiration in sharing.  I am considering creating a private Facebook group.  What do you think?  Would you like to be a part of a group that shares nature connections, questions, observations, resources, and love?  Take a moment and let me know in the comments.  Thanks!

Wishing you a wonder-filled week!


2 thoughts on “Noticing Nature – Nature Prompts for April 2016

  1. I love doing Nature Camera with children! I first learnt about htis activity from Joseph Cornell who wrote Sharing Nature with Children and I was lucky enough to met him when he ran a course several years ago – such an inspirational man.


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