Nature Word of the Month – March 2016

During March we officially move from winter to spring so I thought it would be appropriate to share two seasonal words…

Nature Word of the Month - March 2016: APRICITYT

The first is apricity which refers to the sensation of feeling the warmth of the sun on a cold winter day.  My children and I experienced this just yesterday.  It was a chilly and breezy day and as we walked across an open courtyard we turned our faces to the sun for a moment to soak up its warmth.  Can you remember a time that you experienced apricity?

Nature Word of the Month - March 2016: PRIMAVERAL

While vernal refers to anything relating to or occurring in the spring, primaveral can be used to refer to anything that occurs in early spring.  The spring equinox is coming right up on March 20th and so many people across the country are all ready seeing early signs.  We have been noticing the goldfinches’ feathers displaying more yellow color, a primaveral sign of the males developing their breeding plumage.  What primaveral changes have you been noticing?

Click here to download a copy of this month’s nature words.

Note: Do not be concerned about using “sophisticated” vocabulary with young children.   When you model new words and  practice them in regular and meaningful ways, you are helping your child develop crucial life-long skills.

Let me know what you think. I'd love to hear from you!

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