Simple Tools for Looking Closely

Simple Tools for Looking Closely at Nature - Green Acorns

My children and I have joined Dawn’s Mud Puddles Nature Lab and one of the recent prompts was to “look closely”.  My children and I love taking a close look at nature, whether it’s through a camera or some other tool.  We have noticed so many details that we would not have noticed otherwise.  This leads to more questions and making connections with the world at large.  This is such an important way to observe nature.  Changing the scale and focusing your attention can open up a whole new world of discoveries!

So I wanted to quickly share a couple of our favorite tools (in addition to a camera and magnifying lens) for taking a close look: Hand magnifiers and loupes.



Both of these tools are inexpensive and perfect for focusing attention.  Right now we only have one but I will be ordering more so each of my kids can have their own.

What are you favorite tools for taking a closer look?  Share in the comments…





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