Noticing Nature Nature Prompts – February 2016

Noticing Nature Nature Prompts - February 2016

This month’s prompts are all about the trees.  Download and print them to get started today.

Notice what’s going on in a tree as wind blows through it, whether it’s a gale or a gentle breeze.  What do you hear?  How does the canopy behave differently from the trunk?

Notice the signs of animal use.  Has an animal used the tree for shelter?  Food?  Who do you think was there?  Why that tree?

Noticing Nature Nature Prompts - February 2016

Notice the unique characteristics of some trees.  Does it remind you of anything?  Do you see any shapes?  You may even see a face or eyes staring back at you!

Noticing Nature Nature Prompts - February 2016

Enjoy taking a closer look at individual trees and have a wonder-filled week!

P.S. Don’t forget to keep in mind the nature word of the month while you are looking at trees.



2 thoughts on “Noticing Nature Nature Prompts – February 2016

    • Maine does seem to have some similarities to Nova Scotia. Although it might look like there’s not much going on in the winter, especially with plants, there is still so much to notice. We’re enjoying observing the different tree buds that formed in the late summer and are learning to identify conifers (post soon to come). I hope you have a chance to get out and explore. There are surprises awaiting… 😀


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