Nature Word of the Month – February 2016

Nature Word of the Month - February 2016: Hibernaculum

Hello and welcome to February’s Nature Word of the Month!  We took a little break for December and January but today we are getting right back at expanding our nature vocabulary with our new word: hibernaculum.

Why do we learn new nature words?  It all started when my curiosity was peaked by a friend’s post about her ‘crepuscular‘ cat.  I set off to learn other nature-related words and it seemed a perfect fit for my children’s nature and home-schooling activities.

Hibernaculum is from the latin for “tent for winter quarters” and is most often used in reference to a place that an animal uses for refuge during the winter.  Bears, bats, insects, and reptiles, for instance, use hibernacula.  It can also refer to the protective bud of certain plants that helps it survive winter dormancy.

You can download a copy of this month’s nature word to paste in your child’s nature journal.  It’s such a great word to incorporate into studies about which animals go dormant for the winter (either in hibernation or torpor) and what type of shelters they use.

Have a wonder-filled day!




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