Nature Prompts – January 2016

Nature Prompts for Children and Their Families - January 2016

Hello and happy New Year!  I hope that your holiday time was packed with love and laughter and that you are starting off  2016 with optimism for all the possibilities that lay ahead.

Up until recently it has been a fairly mild winter here in Maine, which I must admit I was enjoying.  However, it has made it all the more difficult to adjust to the cold that has arrived.  It’s very tempting to stay in snuggled up near the fire.  Is it a tough transition for you too?

I hope that the nature prompts for this month will give you a little extra motivation to get out with your kids and explore the world of winter.

Nature Prompts - January 2016 Would you like some resources to supplement these nature investigations?  Here are a few:

Animal Tracks
Stories in the Snow: Animal Tracking for Kids

Deciphering Winter Animal Tracks

Guide to Frost

If you come across any other resources, please do share.  Enjoy your winter wonderland explorations!




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