Nature by the Numbers – September 2015

Nature by the Numbers - September 2015 | Green AcornsHow are we so far in to September already?!  No worries.  There’s still plenty of time left to fit in our nature journal prompts for the month.

Nature journaling has so many benefits: improving observation skills, increasing awareness of the surroundings, and developing a sense of connection and appreciation for nature.  It also helps heighten one’s awareness of the rhythms of nature and the interconnections of life.

Nature by the Numbers - September 2015As we approach the next equinox, use our nature journal prompts to encourage your child to take notice of the changes occurring and what they may mean.  What changes are taking place in trees and other plant life?  Leaves may be changing colors or just unfurling.  Some plants may be dying off while others are emerging.  Are the colors of the landscape shifting?  What does this mean for the animals that rely on those plants?  Perhaps it means the need to rely more on camouflage to avoid predators.  With some practice, it’s amazing what details can be noticed and what connections can be made!

Click the image below to download a copy that can either be pasted into your child’s journal or pinned up to refer to throughout the month.

Nature by the Numbers - September 2015Once your child has recorded all of her observations, review them with her.  Ask “I wonder” questions.  With some encouragement and practice she will begin seeing the connections.

Bonus: Don’t forget to include the word of the month as an extra journal prompt!

Have a wonder-filled weekend!



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