Nature by the Numbers | June 2015

Nature by the Numbers | June 2015 - Green Acorns June 2015 – Nature Journal Prompts

This month’s nature journal prompts have been inspired by my son – a boy who loves adventures and wants to experience them to the fullest.  That’s him in the photo above.  Well, his feet anyway.  The photo was taken during a walk on a trail through a wooded area in the early spring.  The temperature was rising and the early spring plants were beginning to grow but there was still snow on the ground here and there.  When we came to a favorite stream there was no resisting.  My girls kept their boots on to explore but my son’s came off immediately. He knew intellectually that the water would be ice-cold.  But he needed to know it in his body.  He wanted to be fully engaged in the experience.  Like the time we had hurricane-strength winds this past winter and he just had to go outside.  We could hear the wind howling and see the trees swaying and the snow blowing horizontally but he had to get out there and know what it was like to be in the midst of it.  He had to be a part of it. So, this month’s prompts are all about encouraging your child to engage with nature with all of his or her senses – to be a part of it.

I hope your child has fun with it (Just click the link at the beginning to download your copy).

Have a wonder-filled week!
Fondly, Monique


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