Nature Poems for Children

I really enjoy encouraging children to explore their curiosity and appreciation of nature through different modalities – visual, auditory, kinesthetic, tactile – for rich, meaningful, personal experiences.  As their understanding and sense of connection to nature increases, so will their sense of responsibility to care for it. In honor of both National Poetry Month and the upcoming Earth Day,  I wanted to share some of our favorite books of poems about nature. You may be familiar with some and hopefully some will be new to you. Nature Poems For Children 1. Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night by Joyce Sidman

2. Winter Bees and Other Poems of the Cold by Joyce Sidman

3. Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices by Paul Fleischman

4. Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature by Joyce Sidman

5. Song of the Water Boatman and Other Pond Poems by Joyce Sidman

Can you tell that Joyce Sidman is one of our favorites?  Don’t worry there’s some other authors included… Nature Poems For Children, list 2 6. Step Gently Out by Helen Frost and photographer Rick Lieder

7. The Tree That Time Built, a collection selected by Winston and Hoberman

8. Outside Your Window by Nicola Davies

9. The Robin Makes a Laughing Sound by Sallie Wolf

Do you have some favorites that aren’t on the list?  I’d love to know what they are!  Feel free to share in the comments…

Happy National Poetry month.  Have a wonderful, nature-filled weekend!

Fondly, Monique

5 thoughts on “Nature Poems for Children

  1. Thank you for this list! I just reserved all of them I could find at my library. We also enjoyed Driftwood Dragons and other Seaside Poems by Tyne Brown (a Canadian author…not sure how widely available this is.).


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