Nature Jornal Experiences

Does your child keep a nature journal?  My three children do and it seems like they just always have.  It just seemed to come, well, natural to them.

I’ve been thinking a lot about nature journaling recently.  I just set a date for conducting my 5th nature journaling workshop at our local library and am really looking forward to it.  I put a lot of consideration into how to nurture a sense of wonder, to teach the art of observation, to impart the importance of connecting with nature, and to hopefully to spark a life-long interest in keeping a nature journal.  I walk away from each workshop having learned more and feeling inspired by the excitement of the participants.

nature journal workshop

I love hearing directly from the children and their adults.  I hear that adults appreciate having someone provide an example of how to ask open-ended questions that guide their children through deeper explorations of what they’re observing.  I hear parents say that they aren’t good at drawing or that their children don’t like to draw so they never thought nature journaling would be something they would enjoy.  I hear children and adults say that they are amazed to notice so many details when they take the time to really observe.  I hear adults say that they forget to encourage using all of the senses when exploring (when it’s safe to do so).  I love hearing it all and apply the feedback when designing the next workshop and even to my family’s own practice of nature journaling.

encourage using all of their sensesI’d love to hear from you as well.  What do you think?  What are your challenges with nature journaling with your child?  How did you get started?  Do you want to start but aren’t sure how?  Do you have any helpful tips to share?  Do you work with a group of children that keeps nature journals?  I would love it if we could share our experiences in the comments and maybe we can all learn something.



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