Nature by the Numbers | February 2015

Nature by the Numbers | February 2015 Growing up, there was a field with a brook right behind our house.  My sister and I played there as much as in our own yard.  We caught pollywogs, went sledding, braided long pieces of grass, created imaginary worlds, laid on our backs and watched the clouds, built forts, played hide-n-seek, picked ingredients for our “soup”.  We played there in every season and because of our unstructured, extended periods of time to explore, we gained our own sense of how life there changed throughout the seasons and how we interacted with it accordingly.  We didn’t have to be taught it.  We experienced it through all of our senses and it was as much a part of our daily lives as anything else.  We felt intimate with the insects, plants, birds, and furry creatures that populated the place.  We were a part of it and it a part of us. This month, use our nature journal prompts to encourage your child to take the time to notice and connect with the surrounding nature with all of his senses, wherever you may be. Nature by the Numbers | February 2015 Fondly, Monique


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