Resources for World Wetlands Day

Resources for World Wetlands Day February 2nd is World Wetlands Day.  Perhaps you are asking why there is such a day? The Wildlife Habitat Council makes this statement: “Wetlands provide vital habitat to a number of species, including (but certainly not limited to) waterfowl, wading birds, frogs and salamanders, aquatic invertebrates, turtles, and fish. They also provide a number of essential ecosystem services like purifying our water, absorbing flood waters, and protecting coastal and riparian areas against erosion. Unfortunately, 64% of the world’s wetlands have been lost since 1900.” So, what are wetlands anyway?  Wetlands are areas of standing water or areas of soil saturated with water where aquatic plants can grow.  They are covered entirely by water for at least part of the year.  They can occur inland or at the coast, in forests or prairies.  The three major types of wetland are

  • marshes
  • swamps
  • bogs

wetland lifeWe have a wide variety of wetlands here in Maine.  My family and I pass them regularly on our way to the beach, while walking through the woods, near the river, and even right in our own neighborhood.  We never tire of the abundance and diversity of life that each one supports.  Beavers, turtles, frogs, fish, aquatic insects, interesting plants, birds… making wetland observationsCornell’s Naturalist Outreach program has a wonderful video for kids (and adults) about wetlands and some keystone species on YouTube. Here are some other helpful resources to learn more about the world’s wetlands:

I hope your children enjoy a wonder-filled exploration of wetlands in your area and across the world!

Fondly, Monique


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