Nature by the Numbers | December 2014

Nature by the Numbers | December 2014 | Monthly Nature Journal Prompts for Children from Green Acorns

My family enjoys a fairly relaxed pace of living so the holiday season can often feel a little more hectic than what we are use to.  I love the holidays and our additional activities are usually fun stuff but it’s still… more.  Is it the same for you?  This month’s ‘Nature by the Numbers’ journal prompts focus on slowing down and taking the time to quietly observe.  Click the image to download a printable copy.

Nature by the Numbers printable | December 2014

Cloud Spotting

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, cloud watching is always a fun activity and observing cloud formations is a great way to learn about weather patterns.  To explore clouds a little more, here are some wonderful resources:

Sketch the clouds you observe in your nature journal.  Be sure to add a description of each cloud and make a note of what the weather was like when you saw each cloud.  If conditions do not invite sitting outside to do so (right now in Maine it’s 25 degrees) it can easily be done from inside.  Just find a comfy spot near a window.  For an additional activity you can even trace the clouds right on the window.

Tree Spotting

With the foliage gone on deciduous trees, it’s easy to see the various branching patterns.  Take a close look at the trees you have chosen to observe.  Do the trunks split at any point?  Do the branches form deep “Y”s?  Do the twigs grow alternate, opposite, or whorled?  For more winter tree silhouette fun, check out these links:

We’ll be exploring how to identify winter trees in a future post where there will be lots more information and resources…

Moon Shadow Spotting

The December full moon occurred on the 6th so the moon is waning with the new moon happening on the 22nd.  To see some moon shadows you had better do it soon!  If it just doesn’t work out, try again in January.  Mark your calendars for moon spotting on the 4th.

Image sources on printable
moon shadows



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