Nature by the Numbers | November 2014

Nature by the Numbers | November 2014

Wow!  I can hardly believe that November is just days away!  October seems a blur to me.  But I love this time of year and won’t let it get away unappreciated.  I am glad that recording in our nature journals regularly keeps us connected with nature and the changes that happen so rapidly sometimes.  It’s nice to slow down, take notice, be intentional.

Have your children been keeping nature journals?  Our monthly prompts seem to be fairly popular so I hope that means “yes”.  I know it can be hard to keep up with sometimes so I hope these prompts help.  In addition to some ideas for your child’s November entries, I wanted to share some resources that discuss the benefits of nature journals (for children and adults alike):

If you’d like more nature journaling inspiration, please check out my Nature Journaling with Kids Pinterest board.

Click on the link below for the November journal prompts…

Nature by the Numbers | November 2014nature by the numbers | November 2014



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