Nature By the Numbers: Nature Journal Prompts | June 2014

Nature by the Numbers: Nature Journal Prompts | June 2014

Hello!  Happy June!  I hope you had an enjoyable weekend.  Did you get to explore the outdoors?  There’s so much wonder to be found even in your own backyard, isn’t there?  Or your neighbor’s yard, as was our case.  While we were visiting friends yesterday, my children were excited to see a sharp-shinned hawk fly by along the tree line and to find a large stick nest high up in a tree (they quickly rattled off their ideas for who the owner might be).  We’re also quite sure that we heard a saw-whet owl one evening.

Even though there is no shortage of inspiration, especially during the warmer months when there is so much life and transformation, sometimes it helps to have ideas for activities and nature journals topics.  Here are some “Nature By the Numbers” prompts for this month to print and paste in your child’s journal.  Just click the image to download.

Oh, I almost forgot…  I created a “Nature Detectives” packet about leaves and would love for you to have your own copy.  If you give it a try, please let me know what you and your child thought about the activities.

Nature Detectives: Summer Leaves

Have a wonder-filled week!


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