Nature By the Numbers: Simple Monthly Goals & Prompts

Nature by the Numbers: Simple Monthly Goals and Prompts

Do your children keep a nature journal?  Is it a regular routine or a once-in-a-while activity?  My children have been keeping a nature journal for years but I have found that we have not been recording much in them this winter.  To help us get back into the routine of it we have been doing some indoor activities like touch drawing and using our nature table artifacts to practice observational drawing.

I also decided to print off monthly goals and prompts to help motivate us.  Here are some for the coming month:

  • 15 minutes (or more) of recording in a nature journal at least once per week.
  • 10 minutes of nature observation every day, whether it’s from your living room window or your favorite outdoor spot or looking at your nature collection.
  • List 5 of your favorite things about nature.
  • Share your nature journal with 2 different people this month.  Discuss what you’ve recorded with them.  Perhaps it’ll lead to more interesting questions and investigations…
  • 1 time per week, visit your nature sit spot.  Take special note of any changes.

These will be pasted into our journals but they could also be hung up in a visible spot as a reminder.  As the weather warms and spring arrives, our goals and prompts will probably get more specific.  If you’d like to follow along you can download the goals for the coming month by clicking here.  If you do use them, I’d love for you to share your experiences…

P.S.  If your children do not currently record in a nature journal but you’d like to get them started, you’ll find lots of tips and inspiration on my Nature Journaling With Children Pinterest board.


2 thoughts on “Nature By the Numbers: Simple Monthly Goals & Prompts

  1. I love the idea of observing nature every day. Instead of playing all the time, help them learn to sit and notice the details. It would be good for my son to learn to sit quietly.


    • Thanks, Mae. like with any practice, the more children do it the easier it will get. My children look forward to what they’ll discover next.
      I wrote about “The Art of Observation” here if you’d like to read more…


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