Nature in the News: January Edition

Nature in the News highlights current happenings in the world of nature with suggestions for related resources and activities for exploring the topics further with your child.

Nature in the News

New animal discoveries around the world

  • At Project Beak, children design their own bird and choose the habitat in which it is to live.  The great thing about this game is that your child is given information about each of the birds chosen characteristics as well the survival rate.  Children can then change features to strive for the best chance of survival.  A lovely learning tool for teaching animal adaptations!

A lion cub in Nigeria

Lions in West Africa in danger

  • Download an “Endangered” game board that teaches children about how humans impact a species safety (click on the “Endangered” box twice)

Click to view full size image

Grand Canyon-sized valley found under the ice

  • Learn about the importance of our Cryosphere at the National Snow & Ice Data Center.

An influx of Snowy owls

  • WWF offers simplified yet thorough enough explanations of various habitats as well as associated animal life.


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