Disovering Patterns in Nature: Stars

stars in nature

Have you ever looked down and seen stars?  The sky above is not the only place to find stars.  There are actually star shapes all throughout nature if you look carefully enough.  Star shapes, usually five-pointed ones, are most commonly found in flowers.  They can also be found in leaves, fruit, and seed pods.  There’s even a star shape to be found on a sea creature or two.

photos from Wikimedia Commons

photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I must say that until recently, I never noticed just how many stars are around.  It’s truly amazing how once I became aware, I noticed them in so many places.  Even in my own kitchen…

stars in the kitchen

My children have fun trying to spot some during our walks around the neighborhood.  They found these examples recently, which they called “star bursts”…

stars on our walkAnd here are some examples from around our garden and a local botanical garden…

stars in nature collage 1

So talk about star shapes and where to find them in nature with your child.  This book is a wonderful resource to get you started.  Then head outside to do a little star spotting, during the day.  After you and your child have found some stars in nature, you may like to download this printable activity page to explore them a bit further and to add as a resource to your nature journal:

Star Activity journal page

Until next time, have fun discovering star shapes in nature!


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